Thanks For Stopping - REALLY!

Earlier this month I was able to attend the WPPI (Wedding Professional Photographers International) Trade Show and Convention. My assistant and I were able to take some classes from some of the greatest and most influential photographers in the world!  We both left inspired, with wonderful ideas and beautiful images swimming in our heads…. ready to take greater images, offer more products, provide better customer service and bring Brooke Christl Photography to the next level.  So stay tuned.  Some exciting things will be happening this year.It was very apparent that our blog was in MUCH need of attention, and that we actually had to commit to post to it.  OK.  I know that our new blog is not like some of the totally stellar ones we saw earlier this month and drooled over.  All I can say is BABY STEPS. It’s better than our old one.  I’m still struggling to understand how everything works and what I am suppose to do!  I keep telling myself “I’m strong enough, I’m smart enough, and I can figure this out”.  Mostly, without a lot of conviction.  Clearly, my talent does not extend to the world of CSS, pingbacks, sticky-posts or the 100 other yet unfamiliar terms.So in the meantime….. if you have any comments, complaints or ideas on how to make this blog work better — PLEEEZE do me a favor.  LET ME KNOW!!Soon, I’ll be adding a few of my favorite things from last year, and of course LOTS of stuff in the months to come.  We have 12 weddings in April and May, so lots of beautiful wedding images coming soon!As you browse through our pages, keep in mind that we LOVE comments, so please be sure to leave one.