Congratulations Hart to Heart!

On March 6th, Hart to Heart Media celebrated their 10th year of business!!  Thomas is sure to be in business another 10 years, as the videos he produces are incredible.  If you have not seen the work that comes from Hart to Heart, be sure to check it out on his website: had fun at the party held at SPRINGMAID PIER.   TRU SOL provided the great music, and CAROLINA ENTERTAINMENT played during their breaks, BLOSSOMS provided flowers, CROISSANTS a yummy cake and we were able to try a first run on a new service we are offering this year…. PHOTO BOOTH.  This should be a great addition, and offer couples a completely different view of their wedding!   And guests have a few fun pictures to take home form the event.  For our first run, I manned the photo booth, but soon it will run completely by itself … and we are nearly afraid of the pictures we get then  :-).Here are a few images from the Hart to Heart party.