Lauren & Trevor

Holy Smokes — Lauren & Trevor have been married for a whole year!Every wedding is very unique.  The energy of each couple sets the tempo of the day.  Here is what I can tell you about Lauren & Trevor’s day…... If you were there, and you did not have a total BLAST, check your pulse because you are likely dead.  F’real.  This wedding was not only beautiful, it was truly a celebration of their love.  Regrets??  Yes.  I have one – I left a little bit too early.  Lauren, I wish I had been there, camera in hand, when your dad through you into the pool!What has the first year brought to this couple?  Well, they are pregnant :-)  They await the miracle of the arrival of their first son.  This little one is lucky to have such wonderful parents.  I am soooo excited for these two!  I can hardly wait to meet this baby!  Congratulations guys!!!