She Said YES!

It’s a really good thing I did not know about this HUGE surprise for too long.  I’m just am no good at keeping exciting news a secret!  Yes…I’m one of those who carry my emotions right there on my sleeve.  My family & friends tell me I don’t even have to open my mouth and they know I’m about to burst.  They just look in my eyes and say “OK….who’s pregnant, getting married, or just got the worlds greatest job”.The set up?  Family pictures.  Before hand, Matt and I had schemed though.  While posing them, at some point I would just ask him to get down on one knee.  He could take it from there :-)  As you can see…..Shannon had no idea.  WAY TO GO MATT !!!!Congratulations you two.  I’m so excited for you both!  Matt – Thanks for letting me be there to capture this moment for you guys.  I will soon post the rest of your engagement pictures, but just could not wait to share these :-)