2010 Contest Winners -- Jenna & Matthew!

You may remember that last December we gave away a $2000. wedding photography package.  Matthew and Jenna were the winners by an overwhelming vote!  STAY TUNED...as we will be doing it again this year for a 2011 couple.  Subscribe to our blog to be the first to hear all about it! 2011 Theme…Greatest Love Story :)Jenna is from Ontario Canada and met Matthew while both were lifeguarding in Myrtle Beach in the summer of 2005.  They quickly fell in love, but for the next 3 years had to maintain a long distance relationship, as Matthew lived in North Carolina.  In 2008, when both had graduated from college, they went to South Korea and spent a year teaching English.  It was there that Matthew proposed to Jenna.  Their wedding date, May 21st, is the very same day they first met in Myrtle Beach!This was indeed a beautiful wedding.  Jenna picked out a true Cinderella wedding gown, and she looked lovely!  I loved her colors of yellow and pink. Their friends and families gathered together for this long awaited celebration, and all were so very happy and excited for them.  They were so fun to work with, and it truly was a great pleasure for me to be able to record a part of their wonderful love story.  Jenna & Matthew…... Thank you!  I wish for you many, many, many years of happiness together :)