A Grande Dunes Members Club Surprise

Every now and then, someone will catch me off-guard in a big way.  So it was with Jennifer & Pedro’s wedding.  I love photographing weddings, and am always very excited to get there and get my camera out…. but from the moment I walked into Grande Dunes Members Club on May 30th, I knew I had been caught.Both Jennifer and Pedro have chosen the difficult life of serving our country in the military.  Pedro recently returned from a 15 month tour in Iraq.  Not all the soldiers in his unit did.  Every couple expects, and deserves, for their wedding day to be about nothing but the celebration of their love for each other, and the new life they are starting together.  Jennifer and Pedro chose to share their day, honoring the friends they have lost, the friends who have served,  the friends who also have given up so much to keep us all safe.  Never before at a wedding, have I wished the speeches would not stop, for each one was a story well worth hearing.  This my friends, was a very emotional day for me, and all who were lucky enough to be a part of this day.In addition…..if was also a SUPER fun wedding!  They played a kissing game during dinner that had everyone laughing hysterically.  They also played a great version of the Newlywed Game…..the fun was unending!  Pedro is a clown and Jennifer is such a great match to him.  I know their lives together will be filled with laughter!Jennifer, Pedro, It was a great honor for me to be able to record this day for you two.  I hope I was able to capture part of the emotion that you made us all feel :-)