Cruises, Cosmos & Sparkly Things :-)

Since I started my business in 2007, it’s been a rare occasion that I have been able to escape for a few days of vacation.  My BFF Jenny lives in Seattle and designs jewelry (watch Zales for some of her new stuff coming soon).  Last year, we decided we both needed a bit of R & R, and it had been far too long since we had seen each other in person!  So we left Charleston on a 5 day cruise headed for the Bahamas last week.We were soooo ready for this adventure…and were not disappointed.Ahhhhh.  Sunshine, beautiful blue water, no phones ringing, a massage, girly talk and a few Carnival Cosmo’s made this trip exactly what we needed.  It was near perfect.So.  We get back and are ready to head out for a nice dinner with my boyfriend Walt, and much to my surprise right before dinner he gives me this….......and in case you haven’t heard yet, I said YES!