Shante's Boudoir

The very coolest thing about boudoir photography is how so many women never realized they were THAT sexy!  It’s so amazing to be able to show that to them. Most of the time when they see how beautiful they look in their boudoir images, they are ready to share them with the world!  I often get phone calls asking when I am going to put their images on my website!  However, there are also many woman who choose not to share their images.  I never post a boudoir image without permission, so I don’t always have new stuff to show you.To me, sexy shows little more than you will see here in Myrtle Beach on the beaches.  Sexy is about the posing, the lighting, the attitude, the look in a woman’s eyes.  It’s about an implication. And what woman does not want to be able to look sexy?I haven’t posted any boudoir lately, so I thought I would show you one of the sessions I did a few months ago.  Shante’ is a very beautiful women, and I loved her session!  We had tons of fun, and she got an amazing little album :-)  Here are a few of my favs: