Surfrider Foundation Makai Luau

The Surfrider Foundation recently held their Makai Luau as a great fundraiser party.  Proceeds this year went to the Garden City Shower Tower project, to provide showers for residents and visitors at the public beaches in Garden City Beach area.  It was a smashing success…..almost.They wanted me to run Photobooth at the event, which I was very happy to do.  However, not all things go as planned :-( When I tried to print my first Photobooth pictures, it became immediately clear that my awesome new Photobooth printer was not in the mood to cooperate.  Nope.  It would not print.  Nothing.  Zip – Zilch – Nada.On to plan B….. I just went around and took pictures of everyone.  Definitely not as fun as Photobooth, but what’s a girl to do?    Since then, my wonderful fiancee’ has fixed the printer, and we have used it at several weddings with no bad ‘incidents’  —- LOLPeggy —- Again, I’m so sorry this did not work as planned, but was happy to hear you raised the needed funds anyway!