Wachesaw Plantation - Amy & Kyle

Wachesaw Plantation is a beautiful place to get married. Add to that, bright colorful flowers, great weather, Wally B as the DJ, and an amazing couple and you know it’s going to be a good day :-) Elizabeth from Grand Occasions made sure the day ran smooth and on time. The beautiful flowers were from Little Shop of Flowers, and the cake was from Incredible Edibles. Amy & Kyle were sooooo much fun! The best men gave a speech and sang the 3 best friends as featured in The Hangover. A story was told at the reception about how for the first 5 dates Amy and Kyle went on…. he didn’t kiss her! Amy was puzzled and wasn’t sure if Kyle liked her or not. But Kyle was just being a good southern gentleman, and waiting for the right time. Just look at them now! They make such a great couple, and are so in love ;-)