Jenny's TOO HOT Boudoir Session - Part 2

We did find a few more images to show you that were not TOO hot for the blog — lol!  But this is it.  The rest are for John’s eyes only ;)  This was a great session…we had tons of fun…and I can’t wait to shoot my boudoir session next week!LOVE BOUDOIR :)Jenny….thanks for letting me post these pix! Wish everyone could see how incredible you look in the rest of them, but 110% understand :-)

Jenny's TOO HOT Boudoir Session - Part 1

....and WHILE my BFF was here visiting, we had a few extra minutes to grab some boudoir shots for her.  It was so easy, as she is so beautiful.  Jenny is a private kinda gal, and will be sharing most of the images with her boyfriend only, but she did say I could show you these.I will have some more of Jenny’s session on the blog next week.Honestly…..most of the others are WAY to HOT for the public — :)  Thanks Jen…. you were such a great model!  I LOVE your pics!  All of them ;)

Shante's Boudoir

The very coolest thing about boudoir photography is how so many women never realized they were THAT sexy!  It’s so amazing to be able to show that to them. Most of the time when they see how beautiful they look in their boudoir images, they are ready to share them with the world!  I often get phone calls asking when I am going to put their images on my website!  However, there are also many woman who choose not to share their images.  I never post a boudoir image without permission, so I don’t always have new stuff to show you.To me, sexy shows little more than you will see here in Myrtle Beach on the beaches.  Sexy is about the posing, the lighting, the attitude, the look in a woman’s eyes.  It’s about an implication. And what woman does not want to be able to look sexy?I haven’t posted any boudoir lately, so I thought I would show you one of the sessions I did a few months ago.  Shante’ is a very beautiful women, and I loved her session!  We had tons of fun, and she got an amazing little album :-)  Here are a few of my favs:

Krystle's Boudoir

Well of coarse Krystle had a surprise in store for Joe on their wedding night!  That’s just the way Krystle rolls.  She is a fun and adventurous woman for sure.  And…..Ooh-La-La! Look at this girl!  What a great surprise ;-)We had tons of fun at her shoot, and she was so ready for it!  Here are a few of my favs.

Boudoir Party

Here are a few pictures from a Boudoir Party I did awhile ago.  All these girls were so fun, and it was a great way to spend an evening.  Boudoir Parties are perfect for a bachelorette party or just a very unique girls night out event.  Get a bunch of girlfriends together with a bottle of wine and a boudoir photographer, and your sure to have an evening you won’t soon forget :-)  Thanks Girls!!!

Ashley's Boudoir

I’m so happy that Ashley is married.  Not only was the wedding a blast, but now I can finally post some of the pics from her HOT boudoir session!  Can you even get more beautiful than this girl?  We had so much FUN at this session, and Ashley was relaxed and looked great no matter how she moved.  You should see her smoldering hot album….but I think that is just for Corey :-)  Ashley, I loved doing this for you!Here are a few of my favs:

Jamie's Boudoir

Well now that Jamie is a married woman, and Ryan has already received the wonderful boudoir album that Jamie gave him, I can share a few of my favorite images from her session :-) I love shooting boudoir – and Jamie was fun, relaxed and we had a great session. Thanks Jamie…. You rock girl!

Kara's Boudoir

Kara wanted something special to give Brian as his groom’s gift on April 17th, their wedding day. We secretly plotted her surprise and went to the Cooper House for a little boudoir shoot. Kara was at ease, fun to work with, and as you can see below she very easily captured all of those great boudoir adjectives like sultry, sexy, seductive, feminine, glamorous, and just plain beautiful!! I’m betting that Brian was surprised, as well as very happy to get such a wonderful gift! Kara….I really LOVED working with you! I know you are back from your honeymoon now and settling in your new life as Mrs. Kenny. I wish you and Brian hundreds of very happy years together :-) Sorry….Kara’s images are no longer available for viewing.

Tasha's Cooper House Boudoir Session

OK —  Finally..they are ready :)   Tasha…came with Amanda to The Cooper House for her boudoir session.  It was such a fun afternoon with those two.  I had never met her before that day, as she lives in Charlotte…. but she was also very relaxed and ready to Strike A Pose right from the start!  Tasha is a really down to earth kinda gal.  Thanks so much Tasha….I really enjoyed getting these shots for you. You look beautiful!  I think Robert will will love them, he’s a lucky guy :)

My HOT friend Amanda at the Cooper House

I recently had the pleasure of doing a boudoir shoot for Amanda. It was really hard to take a bad picture of that girl! She is beautiful. Her friend Tasha had her shoot the same day (pictures coming soon) and we went to The COOPER HOUSE for something different. Amanda was a natural, and very relaxed right from the start. She has several amazing tattoo’s, as you can see :-) Amanda’s husband is away in boot camp for the Marines. I think he will be pleasantly surprised when he sees what Amanda has in store for him! I had a really fun day with these girls — Thank you Amanda!!! Tasha….your pictures coming soon.