Cruises, Cosmos & Sparkly Things :-)

Since I started my business in 2007, it’s been a rare occasion that I have been able to escape for a few days of vacation.  My BFF Jenny lives in Seattle and designs jewelry (watch Zales for some of her new stuff coming soon).  Last year, we decided we both needed a bit of R & R, and it had been far too long since we had seen each other in person!  So we left Charleston on a 5 day cruise headed for the Bahamas last week.We were soooo ready for this adventure…and were not disappointed.Ahhhhh.  Sunshine, beautiful blue water, no phones ringing, a massage, girly talk and a few Carnival Cosmo’s made this trip exactly what we needed.  It was near perfect.So.  We get back and are ready to head out for a nice dinner with my boyfriend Walt, and much to my surprise right before dinner he gives me this….......and in case you haven’t heard yet, I said YES!

Caring In Our Lifetime

CONGRATULATIONS Gillian and Joe!!  Carolina Limousine has a beautiful PINK limo (inside and out)!  What’s even better than that?  For every hour that the pink limo is booked, Gillian & Joe donate $10. to Caring In Our Lifetime, who raises money to help fight breast cancer in Horry and Georgetown counties.  On June 8th, they had a whopping $1200. check ready for Caring In Our Lifetime!  Did you see them on the news tonight ???Guys….I’m so proud of you!!  You ROCK!   Now everybody get out there and rent that PINK limo for an evening :-)

GS Scene 2 Year Anniversary

GS Scene is an organization that provides opportunities for young professionals from the Grand Strand area to get together and network.  There are members from many different areas of business.  They organize several fun events throughout the year, and it’s always a great get together.  I recently photographed their 2nd year anniversary party at the Boathouse, where they served great hors d’oeuvres and we were treated to some fine music by the John Brennan Band.  Here are a few pics from the event:

Congratulations Hart to Heart!

On March 6th, Hart to Heart Media celebrated their 10th year of business!!  Thomas is sure to be in business another 10 years, as the videos he produces are incredible.  If you have not seen the work that comes from Hart to Heart, be sure to check it out on his website: had fun at the party held at SPRINGMAID PIER.   TRU SOL provided the great music, and CAROLINA ENTERTAINMENT played during their breaks, BLOSSOMS provided flowers, CROISSANTS a yummy cake and we were able to try a first run on a new service we are offering this year…. PHOTO BOOTH.  This should be a great addition, and offer couples a completely different view of their wedding!   And guests have a few fun pictures to take home form the event.  For our first run, I manned the photo booth, but soon it will run completely by itself … and we are nearly afraid of the pictures we get then  :-).Here are a few images from the Hart to Heart party.