A Wedding in Pembroke

Andrea and Mark got married in Pembroke…. and the event was beautiful from start to finish.  I love color, and as you can see Andrea picked our bright summer colors.  The flowers were amazing, and they were everywhere in abundance!  They were both relaxed, and very ready for their first day together as man and wife.  I think that about 90% of Pembroke population attended their wedding, and one thing is for sure. They have love and support from sooooooo many people who care deeply about them!  I know these two will share a lifetime of happiness together :-)  Mark, Andrea…. thank you for letting me be part of such a special day!

Becky & D.R. - HAPPY 1st ANNIVERSARY!!!

Time flies by so darn fast!  It has already been a whole year since I was in Ocean Isle Beach photographing Becky & D.R.‘s wedding! These two kept us, and everyone else, laughing all night long.  On the way to Ocean Isle Beach where their ceremony was being held, we got stuck in a big traffic jam.  No problem…Becky was calm and we  just used the opportunity to take some pictures both inside and outside of the limo :-)  Their reception was held at Silver Coast Winery (beautiful) and when we arrived there, the fun REALLY started!  Becky & D.R. — Your wedding was GREAT! Congratulations on your first year.  I know you two will have a lifetime of happiness together :-)

Wedding Vendor Information

So many of the couples getting married in Myrtle Beach are destination weddings.  It’s difficult to plan a wedding from miles and miles away.  Many of our brides ask us about florists, DJ’s, the best cake creators and many other wedding vendors.  Why?  Because they love hearing from someone who has had experience with them.  They are hesitant to turn to the yellow pages and chance picking someone who won’t do a great job.To help all couples getting married, we have compiled a list of vendors we have worked with, and would recommend.  We have written about our personal experience with them, and included pictures where possible (of coarse!) so you can get a first hand view.Our list is incomplete, and not all links are active yet.  Be patient… we are getting it all up as fast as we can :-)  Meantime, if you need any recommendations, just email us.  We would be happy to help you!  You can click on the link below – or look at the top of this page for our vendor tab.

Myrtle Beach Area Wedding Vendors

Andrea's Bridal Portraits

I love the day when a couple is married, I’m excited to get working with their wedding images, and can post the brides formal portraits!  Yes….. Andrea is a married woman as of July 17th!   Here are a few of my favorites from her Bridal Session.  Isn’t she just

beautiful ?

This first image is the one she picked for her canvas to display at the reception.

Andrea's Bridal Portraits

Andrea's Bridal Portraits

Wachesaw Plantation - Amy & Kyle

Wachesaw Plantation is a beautiful place to get married. Add to that, bright colorful flowers, great weather, Wally B as the DJ, and an amazing couple and you know it’s going to be a good day :-) Elizabeth from Grand Occasions made sure the day ran smooth and on time. The beautiful flowers were from Little Shop of Flowers, and the cake was from Incredible Edibles. Amy & Kyle were sooooo much fun! The best men gave a speech and sang the 3 best friends as featured in The Hangover. A story was told at the reception about how for the first 5 dates Amy and Kyle went on…. he didn’t kiss her! Amy was puzzled and wasn’t sure if Kyle liked her or not. But Kyle was just being a good southern gentleman, and waiting for the right time. Just look at them now! They make such a great couple, and are so in love ;-)

Stacie & Chris

It’s so cool to be a part of two families uniting together.  These people have it going on, because not only do they have to figure out their own relationship, but relationships with children as well.  You have to be pretty together to figure out all that!  Stacie & Chris …. yup.  They got it :-)  Not only were their children there and happy about their marriage, but they were even a part of the sand blending ceremony!  Good luck to you all, and thanks so much for letting me be a part of this very special day!

1 Year Ago Today :-)

Happy first year anniversary to Justin & Heather!!!  You guys are an amazing couple.Chains do not hold a marriage together. It is threads, hundreds of tiny threads, which sew people together through the years.Simone Signoret

Photobooth at Wachesaw Plantation

Amy and Kyle tied the knot at Wachesaw Plantation last month.  It was beautiful, fun, romantic and everything a wedding should be.  I’ll have some pictures to post soon :-)  We did PHOTOBOOTH at the reception. Wow!  To say it was popular is an understatement.  We had a waiting line all night long, and ended up staying late the guests were having so much fun!We print the pictures right there at the reception so everyone has a little something to take home with them.  This group was a riot, and kept coming back for more.  We had sooooooo much fun with them!  Here is just a little of the fun:

A Grande Dunes Members Club Surprise

Every now and then, someone will catch me off-guard in a big way.  So it was with Jennifer & Pedro’s wedding.  I love photographing weddings, and am always very excited to get there and get my camera out…. but from the moment I walked into Grande Dunes Members Club on May 30th, I knew I had been caught.Both Jennifer and Pedro have chosen the difficult life of serving our country in the military.  Pedro recently returned from a 15 month tour in Iraq.  Not all the soldiers in his unit did.  Every couple expects, and deserves, for their wedding day to be about nothing but the celebration of their love for each other, and the new life they are starting together.  Jennifer and Pedro chose to share their day, honoring the friends they have lost, the friends who have served,  the friends who also have given up so much to keep us all safe.  Never before at a wedding, have I wished the speeches would not stop, for each one was a story well worth hearing.  This my friends, was a very emotional day for me, and all who were lucky enough to be a part of this day.In addition…..if was also a SUPER fun wedding!  They played a kissing game during dinner that had everyone laughing hysterically.  They also played a great version of the Newlywed Game…..the fun was unending!  Pedro is a clown and Jennifer is such a great match to him.  I know their lives together will be filled with laughter!Jennifer, Pedro, It was a great honor for me to be able to record this day for you two.  I hope I was able to capture part of the emotion that you made us all feel :-)

Mandy & Jason - Ocean Creek Resort

Did you know that a little rain on your wedding day is good luck in many cultures?  The idea?  A wet knot is harder to untie than a dry one.  As Mandy got ready for her beautiful beach wedding at Ocean Creek Resort, the dark clouds started rolling in.  It was going to be close.  We walked to the beach, a few little sprinkles falling here and there, but yes!  It held off for the ceremony. The reception was wonderful and everyone there had a blast!  Mandy and Jason make a great couple, and have wonderful supportive families.  I know they will have a long and happy life together :-)  Thanks guys —  It was truly a pleasure!  Coming soon…. their Trash the Dress Session!!

Misty & Ryan - Ocean Isle Beach

Misty & Ryan live in Texas.  Misty is from this area, and I am so glad them came back to get married right here on beautiful Ocean Isle Beach.  She is so fun and lively and bubbly, and she and Ryan just make a wonderful couple!  Check out her beautiful dress —- a friend of hers, Donnie Sanders, who is a costume designer in New York City designed this dress especially for Misty.  Beautiful!  Thanks guys, for letting me share such a special day with you and getting to know you a little better.  I had a blast!

2010 Contest Winners -- Jenna & Matthew!

You may remember that last December we gave away a $2000. wedding photography package.  Matthew and Jenna were the winners by an overwhelming vote!  STAY TUNED...as we will be doing it again this year for a 2011 couple.  Subscribe to our blog to be the first to hear all about it! 2011 Theme…Greatest Love Story :)Jenna is from Ontario Canada and met Matthew while both were lifeguarding in Myrtle Beach in the summer of 2005.  They quickly fell in love, but for the next 3 years had to maintain a long distance relationship, as Matthew lived in North Carolina.  In 2008, when both had graduated from college, they went to South Korea and spent a year teaching English.  It was there that Matthew proposed to Jenna.  Their wedding date, May 21st, is the very same day they first met in Myrtle Beach!This was indeed a beautiful wedding.  Jenna picked out a true Cinderella wedding gown, and she looked lovely!  I loved her colors of yellow and pink. Their friends and families gathered together for this long awaited celebration, and all were so very happy and excited for them.  They were so fun to work with, and it truly was a great pleasure for me to be able to record a part of their wonderful love story.  Jenna & Matthew…... Thank you!  I wish for you many, many, many years of happiness together :)

My Friends, Mr. & Mrs. Yozzo

The first time I ever met Krystle and Joe, is when they came into my office for a wedding photography consult.  We hit it off right away, and by the end of the consult I knew in my heart that Krystle and Joe would come to be much more than clients.  I was right.  Today, I am lucky enough to truly be able to call the Yozzo’s my friends!Now Krystle is a detail oriented girl….which is exactly why she was able to pull off all the beauty of this incredible wedding.  She and her father Mark, arrived in style by carriage from Heritage Carriages.  She looked so beautiful!  After they exchanged vows, we headed to the Lower River Warehouse for the reception.  Clear lights were strung everywhere, and the look and feel of it all was incredibly romantic!  Joe Durivage provided the music…and the party was ON!Krystle and Joe …... your wedding was beautiful, fun, romantic, and everything the perfect wedding day should be!  Thank you so much for letting me be a part of it.  I am so glad to have you two as my friends!

Holly & Eric

On May 4th, Holly & Eric exchanged vows at a beautiful and intimate beach ceremony.  It was a great pleasure getting to know this family, and I wish them all the happiness that two people can have :-)  Thanks guys, for letting me capture your special day for you!!