Waiting For Sophia... is OVER :-)

My friend Gillian, and her husband Joe have been floating on air for months now, in the anticipation of the arrival of their new baby girl.  Well, at 2:30 yesterday afternoon, their wait ended.  Little Sophia Nicole has arrived !  7 lbs 2 oz, and perfect in every way:)So I thought I would post some pictures and a fun little slideshow from her maternity shoot today.Gillian, Joe, Alexis….. CONGRATULATIONS!!!  I can hardly wait to meet Sophia.  I’m so happy for you guys :)

Click here:    Waiting for Sophia

Happy Birthday Hunter !

OMG!  I can’t believe that Hunter is already a whole year old….. it makes me sad, so I know how Erica & Kris must feel :-(  I love this little guy, and always look forward to the time I get to spend with this family.  Soon….. I will post Hunters progression.  From belly to 1 year old!  Meantime, here are a few pix from last month.

Braxton is 1 !

I had soooo much fun with little Braxton!  He is a happy little guy, ready to explore the world.  As you can see, he has just started walking …. so look out world, here he comes!  Children at this age are so wonderful.  It’s like each new thing they see is a miracle.  I hope I have the honor of photographing this little guy again!Braxton’s mom will soon be opening a new store in town:  The Kangaroo Pouch, a children’s furniture store.  I know it will be a huge success :-)  Thanks so much Chris!

Makenzi Leigh

Pure sugar and spice.   That’s what I think little Makenzi is made of.   Born on May 26th, she is perfect.  Ten teeny tiny fingers… ten teeny tiny toes, and she smells like she was just delivered from heaven.  Move over Cinderella.  There is a new princess in town!


It is so amazing to be able to record and watch, from belly to growing baby.  Every single baby is a miracle, but Demp…maybe just a little more than some.  His arrival was long awaited.  Now, at 6 months, Demp is a delight!  He really is a happy baby, and those blue, blue eyes just steal a little of my heart every time I see him! My how you have grown already little one!  I can hardly believe my eyes each time I see you.  Frank & Brigitte, thank you so much for allowing me to photograph your miracle!!

Smiley Little O'Marah

I have always loved taking O’Marah’s pictures (even when she was still in her mommies belly)! She was a happy baby right from the start. And cute!!! Just look at that little smile :-) It is a great pleasure to watch this beautiful little girl grow and change before my eyes. She is always a true little lady, brings her smiles and is ready to entertain me! Can’t wait for our next session….. Love You O’Marah!


This is Dexter …. such a happy and wonderful little guy!! Soon he will be capturing the hearts of girls everywhere — I know he captured mine :-) I think very soon I will be seeing Dexter all dressed up, as I am photographing his parents wedding on May 2nd. As adorable as he is, I don’t think he will be ‘stealing the show’ at the wedding. His mama is gorgeous, and I can hardly wait to see her in that beautiful wedding dress! Ashley & Corey are so in love. Dexter is a lucky little guy to have parents who adore him. Thanks Ashley & Corey, for giving me the opportunity to get to know Dexter a little better. I hope to get future play-dates with him :-)

Little Blake

This is a great story for me…. I had the honor of being able to photograph Josh & Jennifer’s wedding last year. I could tell right away how very much in love they were, and it was a very beautiful and emotional wedding. Now…along comes little Blake! Such a sweet and calm little boy, who is deeply adored by his parents. Josh is a Marine, and recently was transferred from New Jersey to Indiana, and will soon be deployed to Afghanistan. :( Jennifer’s mom Sue, has a house in Myrtle Beach so FORTUNATELY... I know they will still visit and I will be able to watch little Blake (and maybe other siblings) grow up :) Hooray!!!Thank you Josh and Jennifer …. for letting me record your story of love. Please stay safe.