Trash the Dress - Amy & Kyle

At Trash the Dress sessions, all the little stresses of the wedding day are over, and it’s really a fun and relaxing session. We can take our time, go to a few different places, and just let it happen. The images we get make a very romantic last few pages to a wedding album. Trash the Dress sessions can be done heavy or light — but almost always, the brides wedding gown is not really ‘trashed’. AND..... really. You have just spent a lot of money on the most perfect dress you could find. Why not use it for more than just 1 day?Amy & Kyle’s beautiful wedding was in June, and we did this session the following week. They were great to work with, and are such a fun couple! Their album is going to be GREAT!

Chillaxing at Myrtle Beach

Family beach portraits are very popular for vacationing families here in Myrtle Beach. They represent a time during the year when the stress of jobs are left behind, the worries of studying for tests and fitting in at school are gone, and is often of a time of true family bonding. The phone has stopped ringing, email is on hold, and at last there is time to simply enjoy the company of each other. It’s great to be able to meet these families at a time when they are fully enjoying life – and capture a moment of that time for them! I can’t even imagine how busy life would be with 3 handsome boys, each involved in their own activities and doing their own thing!

Beach Portrait Season

This was such a nice family!!! We had a really great beach session. I get to meet people from all over the country, here for many reasons. They were in Myrtle Beach for a medical convention and took some time out for some family pictures. Thanks Sherri & Adam !!

A VERY Windy Evening!

While Julie, David and their 2 boys were in Myrtle Beach last month for a baseball tournament, they took a little time to get some family pictures on the beach.  Originally from Connecticut, they are now living in Nashville but hope to return to their home state very soon.  Our time on the beach was SUPER windy.  Yup — hair a flying everywhere!  We fought it and managed to get some pictures though…. aren’t they a handsome family?

Waiting For Sophia... is OVER :-)

My friend Gillian, and her husband Joe have been floating on air for months now, in the anticipation of the arrival of their new baby girl.  Well, at 2:30 yesterday afternoon, their wait ended.  Little Sophia Nicole has arrived !  7 lbs 2 oz, and perfect in every way:)So I thought I would post some pictures and a fun little slideshow from her maternity shoot today.Gillian, Joe, Alexis….. CONGRATULATIONS!!!  I can hardly wait to meet Sophia.  I’m so happy for you guys :)

Click here:    Waiting for Sophia

It's A Small World

This is kinda cool…..I had the opportunity to work with Stephanie, Matthew, Saylor and Tag … a wonderful family here on vacation from Nebraska.  They use to live in Fayetteville, NC when Matthew served in our military, and come back every year to Myrtle Beach for a few weeks.  Well we got to talking, and it turns out they are very good friends with the owners of a restaurant in the town I grew up in.  Hamilton Montana is NOT a huge place – lol.   BJ’s has been there for no less than 30 years….and my sister went to school with the owners…and SHE lives in Fayetteville!!!  Ha Ha.  Small world.Thanks Stephanie & Matthew!  Really enjoyed the session and getting to talk to you!

Trash the Dress for Contest Winners Jenna & Matthew

Jenna & Matthew, who won our 2009 wedding photography contest, also got a Trash the Dress Session in their package. So off we went in search of some fun…and fun we had!  Jenna is so adventurous and was ready to do anything.  She even changed the color of her hair so she could get a whole new look!  We had a great session, and I loved getting these images for them….they are such a great couple :-)

Some Time at the Beach

I had the opportunity to spend some time with Denise, Sean, Jacob and Olivia on the beach while they were here on vacation.  What a wonderful family!  They all love sports.  Dad is a Giants fan while mom cheers on the Cowboys.  Jacob is an up and coming Yankee’s player ;-) , and I think Olivia has water sports in her future as she could hardly wait to get into the ocean for a swim!  I really enjoyed getting to know them all.  Thank you Denise.  Hope to see you again in the future!

Trash the Dress for Mandy ( & Jason too)

Yes… my beautiful bride Mandy was ready for a trash the dress session soon after her wedding.  Fun, fun fun!   They are such an adorable couple!  Just look…...

Chris & Family

I really enjoyed my session with Chris and her beautiful family. With her mother, sister, brother-in-law, and niece and nephew in town, it made for some great family pictures! Thank you Chris!!


One of the great things about being a photographer is I get to meet so many wonderful people!  Lori has the often challenging job of coordinating the events and catering for The Grande Dunes Resorts.  She works with couples getting married at one of the resorts, and keeps their day running smoothly for sure!  Recently her sister and niece came to visit her from West Virginia, and I was able to get a few beach pictures pictures for them.  I really love seeing the people I work with, and getting to know them better on a personal level.  THANKS LORI :-)

Crystl & Chris

Crystl and Chris were recently married, and wanted to have a beach romance session.  We set up an appointment for a few days after their ceremony.   As luck would have it, we got to the beach, and the thunder clouds started moving in :-(    No matter.  These two were so adorable and in love, that we got all we needed in the 15 minutes we had before it started to pour!Guys — Thank you so much!  I wish you a lifetime of happiness together :-)

Lauren & Jason - April 30th, 2011

There is a quiet calmness within Lauren & Jason’s love… it has existed for all eternity. Not rushed or impatient, but sturdy, still and enduring; No beginning…no end. It is amazing, and when you meet these two, one thing is for sure. They were meant to be together.I know how much work and time goes into planning all the little details of a perfect wedding day, this one just seems too far away. I can hardly wait till next year when they get married! I already know their day will be incredible. They have waited 5 long years till both had graduated from college for their day. The wedding will be held in Pawleys Island, where Jason grew up and they will start their lives together. Guys —- I can’t wait!! Thank you so much for allowing me a glimpse into your love.

The Blessey Family

I had a great beach session the the Blessey family. These kids were as great to work with as they are cute…and they were ready for a little beach fun :-) Thanks Lori!! I really enjoyed meeting you and the kids.

Shari & Eric's Honeymoon

Shari & Eric are newlyweds!  They were married on April 10th in Ohio, and came to Myrtle Beach for their honeymoon. They wanted to have some pictures on the beautiful beach, so they can always remember this special time in their life :-)  And who is that totally handsome young man with them??  It’s Aden, their son.  Not only is he handsome, but he was very cooperative throughout the session.  Thanks Shari & Eric !!  Really enjoyed our session, and wish all 3 of you the best luck ever in the future!!

Kara And Her Beautiful Family

I got to spend a little time with Kara Stovall and her family recently….and I fell in love.  She has what has to be the worlds most adorable twin girls!  Taylor and Kaylie have beautiful red hair, and could quickly steal anyones heart!  Taylor is the one with the beautiful curls, and she was a happy camper at her very first visit to the beach.  Kaylie however….was not so much a fan of how the sand felt on her feet.  She wanted outta there!  Kara, thank you so much for asking me.  I am soooo hoping you will let me do a session again.  Maybe after Kaylie likes the sand a little better.  I would love to have a ‘play date’ with your girls (and my camera) — lol