It's A Small World

This is kinda cool…..I had the opportunity to work with Stephanie, Matthew, Saylor and Tag … a wonderful family here on vacation from Nebraska.  They use to live in Fayetteville, NC when Matthew served in our military, and come back every year to Myrtle Beach for a few weeks.  Well we got to talking, and it turns out they are very good friends with the owners of a restaurant in the town I grew up in.  Hamilton Montana is NOT a huge place – lol.   BJ’s has been there for no less than 30 years….and my sister went to school with the owners…and SHE lives in Fayetteville!!!  Ha Ha.  Small world.Thanks Stephanie & Matthew!  Really enjoyed the session and getting to talk to you!

Surfrider Foundation Makai Luau

The Surfrider Foundation recently held their Makai Luau as a great fundraiser party.  Proceeds this year went to the Garden City Shower Tower project, to provide showers for residents and visitors at the public beaches in Garden City Beach area.  It was a smashing success…..almost.They wanted me to run Photobooth at the event, which I was very happy to do.  However, not all things go as planned :-( When I tried to print my first Photobooth pictures, it became immediately clear that my awesome new Photobooth printer was not in the mood to cooperate.  Nope.  It would not print.  Nothing.  Zip – Zilch – Nada.On to plan B….. I just went around and took pictures of everyone.  Definitely not as fun as Photobooth, but what’s a girl to do?    Since then, my wonderful fiancee’ has fixed the printer, and we have used it at several weddings with no bad ‘incidents’  —- LOLPeggy —- Again, I’m so sorry this did not work as planned, but was happy to hear you raised the needed funds anyway!

Jenny's TOO HOT Boudoir Session - Part 2

We did find a few more images to show you that were not TOO hot for the blog — lol!  But this is it.  The rest are for John’s eyes only ;)  This was a great session…we had tons of fun…and I can’t wait to shoot my boudoir session next week!LOVE BOUDOIR :)Jenny….thanks for letting me post these pix! Wish everyone could see how incredible you look in the rest of them, but 110% understand :-)

Trash the Dress for Contest Winners Jenna & Matthew

Jenna & Matthew, who won our 2009 wedding photography contest, also got a Trash the Dress Session in their package. So off we went in search of some fun…and fun we had!  Jenna is so adventurous and was ready to do anything.  She even changed the color of her hair so she could get a whole new look!  We had a great session, and I loved getting these images for them….they are such a great couple :-)

1 Year Ago Today :-)

Happy first year anniversary to Justin & Heather!!!  You guys are an amazing couple.Chains do not hold a marriage together. It is threads, hundreds of tiny threads, which sew people together through the years.Simone Signoret

Photobooth at Wachesaw Plantation

Amy and Kyle tied the knot at Wachesaw Plantation last month.  It was beautiful, fun, romantic and everything a wedding should be.  I’ll have some pictures to post soon :-)  We did PHOTOBOOTH at the reception. Wow!  To say it was popular is an understatement.  We had a waiting line all night long, and ended up staying late the guests were having so much fun!We print the pictures right there at the reception so everyone has a little something to take home with them.  This group was a riot, and kept coming back for more.  We had sooooooo much fun with them!  Here is just a little of the fun:

Braxton is 1 !

I had soooo much fun with little Braxton!  He is a happy little guy, ready to explore the world.  As you can see, he has just started walking …. so look out world, here he comes!  Children at this age are so wonderful.  It’s like each new thing they see is a miracle.  I hope I have the honor of photographing this little guy again!Braxton’s mom will soon be opening a new store in town:  The Kangaroo Pouch, a children’s furniture store.  I know it will be a huge success :-)  Thanks so much Chris!

Some Time at the Beach

I had the opportunity to spend some time with Denise, Sean, Jacob and Olivia on the beach while they were here on vacation.  What a wonderful family!  They all love sports.  Dad is a Giants fan while mom cheers on the Cowboys.  Jacob is an up and coming Yankee’s player ;-) , and I think Olivia has water sports in her future as she could hardly wait to get into the ocean for a swim!  I really enjoyed getting to know them all.  Thank you Denise.  Hope to see you again in the future!

Jenny's TOO HOT Boudoir Session - Part 1

....and WHILE my BFF was here visiting, we had a few extra minutes to grab some boudoir shots for her.  It was so easy, as she is so beautiful.  Jenny is a private kinda gal, and will be sharing most of the images with her boyfriend only, but she did say I could show you these.I will have some more of Jenny’s session on the blog next week.Honestly…..most of the others are WAY to HOT for the public — :)  Thanks Jen…. you were such a great model!  I LOVE your pics!  All of them ;)

Trash the Dress for Mandy ( & Jason too)

Yes… my beautiful bride Mandy was ready for a trash the dress session soon after her wedding.  Fun, fun fun!   They are such an adorable couple!  Just look…...

Fitness Edge Opens New MMA

Here is some exciting news!  Fitness Edge opened up a new Mixed Martial Arts Center in Conway last month.  I went out to get some pictures for their website, and wow is it ever nice!  Among the many features it has a professional boxing ring, a combat sports competition cage,  plyometric training equipment, and it’s HUGE.  They are offering over 25 different classes a week, and have some awesome instructors!  If you are interested in martial arts, for professional competition, self defense, or to just to get in shape….this is the place you need to go!

Shante's Boudoir

The very coolest thing about boudoir photography is how so many women never realized they were THAT sexy!  It’s so amazing to be able to show that to them. Most of the time when they see how beautiful they look in their boudoir images, they are ready to share them with the world!  I often get phone calls asking when I am going to put their images on my website!  However, there are also many woman who choose not to share their images.  I never post a boudoir image without permission, so I don’t always have new stuff to show you.To me, sexy shows little more than you will see here in Myrtle Beach on the beaches.  Sexy is about the posing, the lighting, the attitude, the look in a woman’s eyes.  It’s about an implication. And what woman does not want to be able to look sexy?I haven’t posted any boudoir lately, so I thought I would show you one of the sessions I did a few months ago.  Shante’ is a very beautiful women, and I loved her session!  We had tons of fun, and she got an amazing little album :-)  Here are a few of my favs:

Chris & Family

I really enjoyed my session with Chris and her beautiful family. With her mother, sister, brother-in-law, and niece and nephew in town, it made for some great family pictures! Thank you Chris!!

Cruises, Cosmos & Sparkly Things :-)

Since I started my business in 2007, it’s been a rare occasion that I have been able to escape for a few days of vacation.  My BFF Jenny lives in Seattle and designs jewelry (watch Zales for some of her new stuff coming soon).  Last year, we decided we both needed a bit of R & R, and it had been far too long since we had seen each other in person!  So we left Charleston on a 5 day cruise headed for the Bahamas last week.We were soooo ready for this adventure…and were not disappointed.Ahhhhh.  Sunshine, beautiful blue water, no phones ringing, a massage, girly talk and a few Carnival Cosmo’s made this trip exactly what we needed.  It was near perfect.So.  We get back and are ready to head out for a nice dinner with my boyfriend Walt, and much to my surprise right before dinner he gives me this….......and in case you haven’t heard yet, I said YES!

A Grande Dunes Members Club Surprise

Every now and then, someone will catch me off-guard in a big way.  So it was with Jennifer & Pedro’s wedding.  I love photographing weddings, and am always very excited to get there and get my camera out…. but from the moment I walked into Grande Dunes Members Club on May 30th, I knew I had been caught.Both Jennifer and Pedro have chosen the difficult life of serving our country in the military.  Pedro recently returned from a 15 month tour in Iraq.  Not all the soldiers in his unit did.  Every couple expects, and deserves, for their wedding day to be about nothing but the celebration of their love for each other, and the new life they are starting together.  Jennifer and Pedro chose to share their day, honoring the friends they have lost, the friends who have served,  the friends who also have given up so much to keep us all safe.  Never before at a wedding, have I wished the speeches would not stop, for each one was a story well worth hearing.  This my friends, was a very emotional day for me, and all who were lucky enough to be a part of this day.In addition…..if was also a SUPER fun wedding!  They played a kissing game during dinner that had everyone laughing hysterically.  They also played a great version of the Newlywed Game…..the fun was unending!  Pedro is a clown and Jennifer is such a great match to him.  I know their lives together will be filled with laughter!Jennifer, Pedro, It was a great honor for me to be able to record this day for you two.  I hope I was able to capture part of the emotion that you made us all feel :-)


One of the great things about being a photographer is I get to meet so many wonderful people!  Lori has the often challenging job of coordinating the events and catering for The Grande Dunes Resorts.  She works with couples getting married at one of the resorts, and keeps their day running smoothly for sure!  Recently her sister and niece came to visit her from West Virginia, and I was able to get a few beach pictures pictures for them.  I really love seeing the people I work with, and getting to know them better on a personal level.  THANKS LORI :-)

Engagement Session at Caledonia Golf & Fish Club

Kelly and Mark are tying the knot this August in Colorado, where Mark will be returning to school.  I’m so glad I had the opportunity to do their engagement pictures for them!!  We went to the  Caledonia Golf & Fish Club for their session, Mark’s very favorite course.  I can see why – it’s beautiful!  There were even a few little alligators trying to make friends with us :-)Best of luck in your new life together guys!  You are a great couple, and I’m sure you will have a lifetime of happiness together!  I hope you are back for a visit very soon.